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Remodelling education – key lessons from history

Yesterday’s launch event of our new resource ‘The New 3Rs’ threw up some really interesting observations from the presenters about the new landscape we are working within – and some radical options for the future of schools and school design. Interestingly many of these had their roots in the history of schooling and identify a [...]

The New 3 Rs – refresh, refurb & reusing schools

We’ve just published a report entitled ‘Rethinking schools capital investment: the new 3Rs? – Refresh, refurb, reuse. We’re loading the whole thing up as a permanent section to this site and you can download it here (pdf). It has been produced in conjunction with Scott Brownrigg and Davis Langdon. The New 3Rs – refresh, refurbishment [...]

Remodelling education spaces

For obvious reasons, we’ve been getting a lot of interest around the question of school refurbishment and remodelling in recent weeks. It’s an area that we’ve covered in a number of ways over the past year or so. Our major remodelling conference in March 2009 featured some of the best case studies and presentations available in England. [...]

BCSE Members Only seminar: Refresh, Refurb, Reuse & change of use?

Our latest BCSE Member Seminar is going to be covering an issue we’ve already picked up a few times on this site. We ran a one day policy conference entitled ‘Creating great remodelled schools’ in March 2009, and since then this key issue is increasingly taking centre stage. This seminar will discuss the issues behind the [...]

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