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James Review is (finally) here

After a long wait, we finally have the Independent Review of Education Capital – the James Review – which sets out the 16 recommendations for the reform of the way schools are procured, designed and built.

Lessons from the US for UK education policy

There is an incredible synergy and alignment between US and UK policy at the moment, that is set to change the terms of debate in education. Despite the headlines around Swedish style schools – the growth of academies and free schools owes much more to the Charter Schools movement in the US as well as [...]

New government: long signalled, swift action

The change from Ed Balls to Michael Gove into the rebranded Department for Education is not going to be the only speedy change in the coming months in the worlds of education, and design. It is likely to be the most radical period of change that these policy areas has seen for almost a decade. [...]

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