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Free schools – connecting the dots

The news has been full of stories about Free Schools recently. We have seen stories that concentrate on parent power and the freedom to set their own curriculum, and in contrast we have seen stories concentrating on how shops such as Woolworths and other buildings will be converted to house these schools. But what has [...]

Gove 1 Balls 0 – A Battle of Ideas

The Conservative Party will make education its top campaign message this week. The two main parties have been engaged in ‘political mirroring’ for months; it’s now time for political attack. I met Michael Gove MP, again at the weekend in Brighton at their spring policy forum. This man is in the right place at the [...]

Kunskapsskolan – new dynamics in teaching and learning?

In 2008 we did our first of many study tours to Scandinavia including visits to a number of Kunskapsskolan schools. At the time people wondered why we were so interested in this chain of schools and what impact it might have on the UK. Fast forward a couple of years and you cannot read one [...]

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