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Building Better Schools Conference – 9-10 November 2010 – now live

I am delighted to go live with this year’s BCSE Annual Conference – hosted in partnership with Manchester City Council on the 9-10 November 2010 – which will be bigger and better than ever before. With 4 big themes around the Changing Landscape – for Schools, Academies, Free schools and the Big Society – we [...]

What you may have missed in July?

Again, a month is a very long time in the current climate of educational revolution. Looking back, it’s very hard to believe that it was less than a month ago that Michael Gove read the last rites over the BSF programme and announced the review  chaired by Sebastian James. The interim report is due in [...]

The Best of Britain’s Schools

We must remember amidst all of the challenges and difficulties presented by the last 2 weeks and the cancellation of the BSF programme that teachers, local authorities, architects, contractors and suppliers have been and are still building some world class school buildings and learning environments. So with an unashamed focus on the positive – here [...]

BCSE Industry Award Winners 2010

We’re still slightly reeling from the speech given by Steve Chalke tonight at the BCSE Industry Awards. We knew he was worth hearing – we wouldn’t have asked him to speak otherwise – but if we’d anticipated just how powerful his message was going to be … well, you’d be watching a YouTube of it [...]

Buildings that embrace the nature of learning in the 21st century

Money may be tight right now, but there is a huge amount that we can learn from the decisions that were made over the past decade of investment in school building capital project. In preparing for the BCSE 2010 Industry Awards tomorrow night, I was reviewing some of the 2009 winners to see how they [...]

Award winning refurb

One of the most impressive refurbishments of an existing school that we’ve seen in recent years was the job that Haverstock did on the Ifield School in Gravesend, Kent. It was deservedly a joint-winner of the 2009 BCSE Awards, providing an example of how to really implement a new extension, remodel and refurbishment to an [...]

Sustainability in action

Bowbridge Primary in Notts was the winner of BCSE’s ‘Greening the School’ industry award in 2009. As the ‘Zero Carbon Task Force’ seems a distant memory, it is worth remembering what Bowbridge stood out for. The school’s staff and community were involved right from the start of this project so that the new extension could [...]

What you may have missed in May

With so much to look forward to in June (National School Environments Week 18-25 June and the BCSE Industry Awards 24 June), we thought we’d make sure that you haven’t missed any of the important developments we picked up in May. It all seems so long ago now, but a month ago, we weren’t entirely [...]

Remodelling education spaces

For obvious reasons, we’ve been getting a lot of interest around the question of school refurbishment and remodelling in recent weeks. It’s an area that we’ve covered in a number of ways over the past year or so. Our major remodelling conference in March 2009 featured some of the best case studies and presentations available in England. [...]

BCSE Industry Awards 2010

The BCSE industry awards 2010 celebrate innovative and successful school design and construction sector. The UK is a world leader in this important and dynamic industry, and after a period of fast paced growth the time is now right to recognise the very best examples of what this vibrant sector can deliver. “The 3rd annual [...]

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