How To Develop, Cleanse And Strengthen Your Aura?

Aura is one of the important facets of spiritual art and development. It’s via your aura that you gain the power to attain what you desire in life. The aura reflects your identity and is an impression of your inner self. However, if you closely interact with other non-living or living forms which don’t help build your aura, negativity may enter your aura and make it elusive.

This is a major reason why people need to eliminate negative vibes they feel from places, persons, objects which take away goodness within them. But how can they do this? Luckily, there are a few easy ways to strengthen, cleanse and boost the aura such as:

  • Meditation:

Do meditation or pranayama as this will help energize your body, mind as well as spirit. This will also help to strengthen as well as repair your aura. You should meditate on a regular basis as this will help you stay away from distracting thoughts and relax from the hectic life.

In order to concentrate while meditating, you can also have an image of a person that makes you happy and offers positivity and strength placed in front of you. Look in their eyes. Feel the magnetism. After a while, shut your eyes while meditating and read your heart’s response. You will feel uplifted and bathes in the super-consciousness of that person.

  • Don’t curse any person and crib a lot:

Doing such a thing actually makes your aura weak. This is because you make space for negative energy to enter within you and then extend it. Such energy is certainly harmful for you as well as the other people around you.

  • Try and be positive:

You should always try and see the positive side of situations. Change the way you look at things and change attitude towards life. A positive attitude can even help make tough situations easy. This will also help in developing a positive aura.

  • Look for things which make you happy:

Happiness is a major key to having a good health as well as aura. You need to follow your passion, be it sketching, photography, painting or anything else. This will help you remain away from negative things and make you feel happy from within. Besides, you will also feel much more energetic. Following your passion is a great technique to enhance and strengthen the aura.

  • Spend some time alone:

Spending some alone time can help make your energy field strong. Try to avoid getting anger or shouting because this weakens the aura. Try to let go of things. Understand that whatever is meant for you will come towards you. Hence, keep space for the correct things to enter.

  • Visualize purity:

If you think that meditation is tough, you can try out an exercise known as creative visualization. This exercise has a similar effect on meditation. Just sit and close your eyes and imagine a light moving downwards in your body, till your feet. This will take just a